What is a Webcast?

A webcast, broadly defined is 'meeting' that takes place over the web. Webcasts may take the form of presentations out to attendees of the webcast and/or interactive dialogue between the attendees. Webcasts may include audio, video, text and/or pictures.

Examples of WebCasts:

Potential Uses of Webcasts in the Classroom:

  • Peer tutoring
  • Distance lectures
  • Inter-class or inter-school meetings or presentations
  • A story-a-thon
  • 2nd Language Learning
  • Providing technical assistance over distance
  • Allowing students to work in virtual groups
  • Q&A answer session with students
  • Consider buying an inexpensive webcam, and programming an Intellikeys keyboard and overlay to record video. This makes shooting video a simple process, regardless of disability
  • Software applications like Kurzweil 3000, WYNN, Clicker 5, Premier Assistive Technology Applications, and UltraHal can convert text files into MP3 files that can be downloaded to an MP3 player or burned to CD

Tools to Create Webcasts:

Inclusive Webtools Wikispaces Webcast:

A little about RTI and UDL . . .