Microsoft Tools

Listed below are some features and tools available in Microsoft Accessories Accessibility and in MS WORD. Similar features are available in Apple products and open source Linus. Please use these links to find out more about available features and their use:
Apple accessibility
Linux accessibility
Microsoft accessibility

Microsoft Windows Accessibility

Accessibility features are located in Accessories. It includes the Accessibility Wizard, Magnifier, Narrator, On-Screen Keyboard, and Utility Manager. To access these features, go to: Start, Programs, Accessories, Accessibility. Then click on the tool you would like to use.

Microsoft WORD 2007

Certain features in MS Word 2007 provide support to students in the classroom and at home. Templates are a great way to save a student's personal preferences including visual cues, name, class, and date. Any words or graphics can be stored and be readily accessible in this manner.

Adding Visual Cues can change the contrast between backgood and the type, provide quick recognition of topic or ideas using graphics, and accentuate important ideas and words.

Using the tools available on the Developer tab gives students the ability to answer questions or make choices. Drop down boxes and check boxes can be added to digital worksheets to decrease the amount of typing. If the Developer tab is not visible on the ribbon, go to: Microsoft Office button, Word Options, click to allow the Developer tab.

Hyperlinks, found on the Insert tab, can add links to other pages, files, videos, audio files, and the web. A hyperlink might give students who require extra support a means to access alternative media to augment their learning right when they need it. Abbreviation expansion, the ability to automatically change a typed abbreviation into a word or phrase, can assist students with poor spelling or physical skills.

Auto-correct, available by choosing the Microsoft Office button, Word Options, Proofing, Auto Correct Options, is a way to use abbreviation expansion in a Word document.

Comments can be added by a student or teacher to written work in Word by using the reviewer markups under the Review tab. Teachers can add ideas, directives, or suggestions right into a student's report. These comments can be hidden or viewed as needed.

Reading and Writing enhancements for MS Word.

Sample of Science test with drop down boxes: