What is a Podcast?

A podcast is a subscription based content delivery system. The content may be audio (podcast), video (vodcast), pictures, or a combination of the three (enhanced podcast). Content is delivered to a 'podcatcher' as soon as it is posted. Content may be viewed on a portable device or on the computer.


Types of Podcasts

  • Audio
  • Video (Vodcasts)
  • Enhanced Podcasts (iPods Only)

Podcasts vs Web Media Files

There are many different sources of media on the web. However, clicking on a media file to either view it or download it does not make it a podcast. A podcast is different in that it is embedded in a 'feed' that allows a person to subscribe to it.

Student Created Podcasts

Radio WillowWeb Resource

Using Podcasts for students:

  • Talkr is a free software product that turns traditional text posts to a blog into synthesized speech podcasts that can be accessed by students with visual impairments or auditory learners. (Or just those of us who have more time to listen on the run than read multiple blog posts!)
  • Many Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) devices have very high-quality synthesized speech. Having a student who is an AAC user as a part of a podcast can be effective and powerful!
  • Video podcasts can be recorded by any student, regardless of disability level. (See webcast for more information)
  • Great for students who frequently miss school due to health-related reasons...record lecture and activity for High School students!

Using podcasts as Assistive Technology:

Using podcasts to support diverse learners:

Using podcasts as professional development:

Tools to Find Podcasts (Podcatchers)

Once you find a podcast "station" you can bookmark it just like a web page... however, instead of you going to the page to get the updated information, the podcatcher will go to the web page and get that information for you, download the information into your Pod catcher and let you know when something is new -- all automatically!

Using iTunes to Subscribe to a Podcast

Tools Used to Create Podcasts